Soaring on Eagles Wings: Wasting Away

Has anyone ever felt like they’re wasting their life away? Why do we work so hard? Why do we spend every waking moment stressing and contemplating the challenges of tomorrow? What are those challenges other than the limitations that we place on ourselves? Why does our society constantly pit us against one another in a mad scramble to prove ourselves mentally or physically superior? I don’t understand why we can’t just choose to live stress-free, waking up every day to greet the sun and embark on new adventures. All we do is slave away with our textbooks with hopes of doing well on the next test and then getting good grades and then getting into a good college and then getting a good job and then working the rest of our lives. I feel like in today’s society, all we say is “Look ahead! Suffer now to be happy later on!”. But when do we stop suffering? We can never stop. We live in a monotonous life that repeats itself day by day in a mindless routine that shapes us not as character driven, experience filled human being but mindless automatons destined to keep struggling to reach the unreachable point of “satisfaction”. Why must we conform to society’s demands and to mold ourselves to live in this cutthroat world? Who says we need to be better? Why can’t we all be equal? I want to be able to gain experiences in life that can’t be found from reading but from doing. I want to explore forests, climb mountains, fly in the sky and feel free of any obligation or worry. Life isn’t meant to be wasted like this. We’re all just wasting our precious time, waiting for the day when we’ll be set free which sadly, will never come.

People are strange: They are constantly angered by trivial things, but on a major matter like totally wasting their lives, they hardly seem to notice…
Charles Bukowski
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